The zai anniversary winter: 20 years of zai

Unbelievable but true - zai celebrates its 20th birthday! This special winter we are not only celebrating our 20th anniversary and looking back on the best zai moments, we are also introducing an innovation: the zai blade with a cellulose core. This ski represents the fusion of our long tradition of craftsmanship and innovation with the latest material technology.

Chroniclesof Carving: 20 Years of zai’s alpine artistry

Join us on a journey through the remarkable journey in a a special showcase of zai's 20-year legacy of ski innovation. Explore a curated collection of stories, from the first mountain muse to the latest technical triumphs, all captured in an exclusive book.

zai anniversary exhibition

Forms and Photographs from the Mountain World by zai. The exhibition in Stampa GR is a collaboration between zai's Benedikt Germanier and photographer and architect Kaspar Thalmann and their exploration of the mountain world. In the midst of the Alps, movement meets rugged material and craftsmanship meets aesthetics. Visitors are invited to observe, experience and touch.

The world's first ski made of paper

The zai blade, a milestone in the evolution of ski design, symbolises our path into the future with cellulose instead of carbon. It combines zai's rich tradition of research and collaboration with the latest material technology. Through partnerships with top institutes and our dedication to functionality and perfection, the zai blade represents the fusion of craftsmanship and sustainable innovation. A ski that not only skis great, but also tells stories of progress and Swiss quality craftsmanship.

Experience zai

Join us at a zai ski event to test our ski collection or come and visit us in our lab to experience the zai spirit.

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