November 24, 2023

Cellulose instead of carbon: a new era in ski design

In the world of alpine skiing, zai stands for pioneering spirit and the constant search for a fulfilling skiing experience. With the introduction of the zai blade, we are breaking new ground and setting a milestone in the evolution of serial ski design and construction.

Cellulose instead of carbon: a new era in ski design

A feeling of lightness: your own line on the mountain

The zai blade embodies a vision of precision and elegance. Its line is like a vector in the ice: crystal clear, straight, razor-sharp. The tapered tip of the ski, which is unwaveringly directed into the fall line, and the sweeping shape with sidecut of the shovel reveal a straightforward elegance. In its world, the world of speed, the zai blade is an unshakeable racing machine that also provides a first glimpse of the next generation of skis.

Revolutionary body made of cellulose

The zai blade breaks with convention. We have set ourselves the challenge of replacing the previously unrivalled material carbon. The result is a ski with a cellulose core. This unusually soft material provides cushioning and is complemented and harmonised by the strength of Titanal. The combination of these two materials makes the ski more flexible and stronger at the same time - a symbiosis that is unrivalled in the ski world.

Technical perfection and aesthetic design

The zai blade is manufactured in a length of 172 cm and with a radius of 14.5 metres. Its construction is based on a completely newly developed construction method using a combination of cellulose, titanal and aluminium. This innovative design is not only a technological achievement, but also a statement of sustainability and aesthetics. The conical tip and sweeping shape emphasise the unique geometry of the ski, which makes it incomparably stable and lively.

The zai blade: a taste of the future

With the zai blade, we are sending a clear signal. This ski is not just a new member of the zai family, but an ambassador for innovation, craftsmanship and the endeavour to implement unique designs in series. It is designed for those who want to push boundaries, who strive for lightness, joy and progress in skiing.

We at zai are proud to present the zai blade – a ski that not only opens a new chapter in our history, but also in the history of serially realisable ski design. A fitting way to celebrate 20 years of zai.

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