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zai’s goal is reduction to the essential in the quest for natural balance. zai consistently goes its own way in design, materials, and construction. We design skis for you to find your own line on the mountain.


zai was born from the dream of creating a ski that allows you to find your own line on the mountain. Since 2003, we pursue the idea of designing and manufacturing skis that allow you to experience a new kind of movement and a feeling of freedom in the snow, just like the jackdaws in the sky.


In our zai Lab in Spreitenbach near Zurich, we constantly work on innovative materials, new shapes, and production processes. Exceptional materials such as green slate or rofna-porphyry-gneiss, vulcanised pure natural rubber, and the zai-owned carbon fibre composite, protected as the brand zai'ra®️, are used to manufacture zai skis.


zai is on a quest to optimize ski performance and design. Together with the HSR University of Technology in Rapperswil, Innosuisse and the Hightech Centre Aargau, zai is driving technical innovation by combining product development with scientific research. New findings with a high standard of quality and ecology can only come about if one dares to look out over the cliff.


zai skis are handcrafted in Switzerland by a small team of skilled craftsmen, all of whom are passionate skiers. Appenzell ski manufacturers from Timbaer and our daughter company Fainschliff, as well as the ex-World Cup rider Franco Cavegn, take zai innovations to the slopes. Dual production with our joint venture partner Blossom-Ski secures Swissness, local design, and expertise of the region's specialists.


To complement our ski collection, we work with local producers and high-end designers to create ski clothing that combines style and function. Every new zai product emerges from the smooth interplay between design, performance, and craftsmanship. Careful selection of finest materials and functional yet elegant designs define zai apparel.


Collaborations with brands such as Saint Laurent or Moncler allow us to exchange experiences in design, material, and performance. Therefore, our collaborations have always been more like a partnership that allow both parties to develop their own competences in design and material expertise.

zai philosophy


Innovation & Design

zai’s visionary approach to product development is unparalleled. By pioneering new construction methods and combining traditional skills with cutting-edge technology, zai redefines the limits of ski design.


Materials & Quality

zai uses the finest natural and high-tech materials in innovative ways. Wood, stone, natural rubber and unique carbons are selected for durability and performance. A simple, functional, long-lasting aesthetic is created.


Performance & Movement

zai puts movement at the heart of their innovations. The goal is always to optimize the energy flow and to create a symbiosis of people, movement, and external conditions. zai skis allow skiers to follow their own line on the mountain.

Experience zai

Join us at a zai ski event to test our ski collection or come and visit us in our lab to experience the zai spirit.

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