January 15, 2021

zai outlook 2021 – Acting from the heart and with trust

zai outlook 2021 – Acting from the heart and with trust

One of my favourite ski athletes was recently asked by a journalist if he had always been convinced that he’d win the ski world cup one day. The ski athlete answered that it had never been his goal to win a world cup and that for him the journey was the destination. He said he was never concerned about what lays far in the future.


In order to do sports, to live or to work with such an attitude, you need trust. Trust in your own actions and trust in the people around you. For us it is of great importance to implement the essence of zai – thoughtfully but consistently – and in the current times more than ever.


The essence of zai is all about the love for skiing and the search for one’s own personal line on the mountain. That’s what connects zai and their enthusiasts. With zai you break your limits, you ride easier, more joyful, more perfectly. We consider making this possible our mission. Innovation, design and craftsmanship are our tools and at the same time, they nourish the radiance of our products.


We consider optimism to be closely linked to having trust in yourself and in your own actions. This attitude is shaped by the values that are transmitted to us at school, at home and at work. We understand “Swissness” as a seal of quality for acting reliably. Whatever I can influence with my own actions, that is what I stand up for and that is what I have trust in. And that’s what zai’s crafting and striving for precision are based on. Our annual planning is guided by constant innovation.


All these values have to be fuelled with power and will in order to apply them full heartedly. At zai, the love for the product and the process as well as the dedication to details continue to play that role. We don’t take shortcuts, don’t shy away from detours and we carry out our plans with consistency. Often, we get asked about the prices of our products. Why does a zai ski cost twice, triple or five times as much as a mass product? Each zai ski is made with complete dedication of time and expertise. That is why.


We want the attitude we have when creating our products to be contagious. We want to be accessible, not exclusive. We are here for people who enjoy their skis on the runs: carving or in parallel turns, becoming one with the mountain. Therefore, we craft technically high-quality products with an attitude, that rewards the journey. We do it by using our head and hands, but even more, we do it with our hearts.

With this attitude and these values, we started 2021 and we are excited to share them with you.


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