November 16, 2021

The story behind the zai lip balm

The zai lip balm tin tells the story of an ancient family tradition from the Engadine.

The story behind the zai lip balm

Since 1882, the lip care product has been produced with precious beeswax and natural plant extracts by the Darms family – a family of pharmacists from Graubünden /Grisons.

Today, the great-great-granddaughter of the inventor continues the production. Elisabeth Darms cooks the lip care according to the original family recipe in her kitchen and fills it by hand into small metal tins. She rescued the recipe together with her sister after her father – the last pharmacist in the family – passed away. Gieri Darms and his wife Martha ran the well-known Piz Ot pharmacy in Samedan. Martha also managed the ambulances and was on call 24/7 for the emergency center.

The family Darms is rooted in the mountains of Graubünden/Grisons, therefore the mountain world had its influence on the lip balm, which is made from natural and local ingredients.

The tree nut oil is a unique feature, capable of healing cracks on the lips, hands, or other body parts. The balm has also proven itself in the high mountains in extreme weather due to its high sun protection. It accompanied the Himalayan pioneer Reinold Messner again and again to the 8000-meter peaks in the Himalayan mountains. The balm provides reliable UV protection even at this altitude. Since it contains no paraffin, it does not have a drying effect like other lip balms, and beeswax provides a nourishing protective layer. A strong product with a strong story – the name "strongness" fits beautifully.


Cera Alba, Folium Thea Nigrum, Folium Salviae, Folium Manthae, Oleum Juglandis Nucis, Propylene Glycolum, Tanninum, Aqua Hamamelidis, Extractum Chamomillae, Extractum Salviae, Extractum Hamamelidis, Adeps Lanae, Lanette, Alcoholia Lanae, Eusolex (organic sun filter), Aroma Vanilla.

What connects zai and strongness?

The mountains, the nature. Going one's own way. No compromises in quality. Natural materials and ingredients. A high-quality product that accompanies you in the mountains and the snow and provides enjoyable moments.

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