March 17, 2022

Living the zai ski culture together

Why one of the most innovative ski manufacturers and a former World Cup skier want to share their experiences and passion for skiing with you.

Living the zai ski culture together

As an innovative ski manufacturer, we are not only constantly tinkering to optimize our products, but at the same time, we want to promote an honest and motivating ski culture among skiers. Skiing is about the symbiosis of a person and a ski.

zai puts movement at the center of its innovations. Creative design concepts, unique material combinations and elaborate manufacturing techniques define the skier’s position on the ski. The goal is always to optimize the energy flow and to create a symbiosis of people, movement and external conditions while encouraging skiers to cross limits and redefine them.

To achieve this, we are always looking to work closely with athletes whose experiences can give us valuable input for optimizing our skis.

One of these athletes is Franco Cavegn. As a former ski racer, Franco can be found on the slopes in winter. In summer, he is a horse person, winemaker, and craftsman. As a result, he knows that things must be solid in order to work. Franco competed in the World Cup as a ski racer for 17 years. What remains today is the passion for the mountains and skiing.

His passion for the mountains and skiing is also the base of his bond with Benedikt Germanier, zai CEO. While Benedikt used to be a tinkerer as an economist, today, he tinkers with quite tangible things. In harmony with the concept of zai (= tough, resilient, cool), he is willing to take detours in order to become better.

Both share the will to improve their way of doing things and the willingness to understand each other’s approaches and to share their experiences. As former professional ski instructors, they know that a desire to learn is essential to progress in life.

With their curiosity and willingness to learn, the two of them inspire each other – and anyone who joins them on the mountain.

Together, they are not only willing to keep learning themselves but want to share their expertise with others. That’s why they organize zai ski events together, where skiers can benefit from their experience.

Skiers have the opportunity to live the zai ski culture: It’s just you, the ski and the movement.

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