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zai smoked oak

The zai smoked oak is the successor of the classic zai wood: smoked oak replaces ash wood.

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CHF 4’250 

Product description

The zai smoked oak is the successor of the classic zai wood: smoked oak replaces ash wood.

Smoked oak stands out with its easily workable, soft wood with a smart, unidirectional fiber structure. Ammonia fuming is a chemical wood finishing process that makes natural oak less brittle and more resistant. Depending on the course of the wood fibers and the chemical composition of the oak, the ammonia, that enters the wood during the process, creates individual, dark color structures. It makes each zai smoked oak ski individual. A high-tech interior hides behind the timeless design of the exterior. The interaction of wood, steel, and fiberglass provides for effortless handling and ultimate skiing control in a variety of snow conditions.

zai transmission system: the particularly developed zai system combining ski geometry, preload and positioning of the binding optimises the force transmission, and thus speed and control.

Technical Data

Ski length 150 cm

width front / centre / end: 116 mm / 76 mm / 99 mm

radius front / centre / end: 10.4 m / 16 m / 13.5 m

weight: 1700 g

Ski length 160 cm

width front / centre / end: 122 mm / 73 mm / 103 mm

radius front / centre / end: 7/9 m / 16 m / 14 m

weight: 1800 g

Ski length 174 cm

width front / centre / end: 130 mm / 80 mm / 110 mm

radius front / centre / end: 8/9 m / 16/19 m / 15 m

weight: 1950 g

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