zai for bentley

zai for bentley

The world’s most refined ski.

Inspired by Bentley. Created by zai.

Just like a Bentley car, zai for bentley is engineered to deliver a ride of unsurpassed smoothness, stability and speed. Handcrafted from the very finest materials, it is a ski of uncompromising quality and refinement.

  • Limited edition of 250 pairs
  • Shock-absorbing natural rubber surface
  • Ultra-lightweight cedarwood core
  • Durable stainless steel edges
  • Genuine all-mountain performance
  • Available in ice white and British racing green

Quality in every detail

zai for bentley exudes quality and sophistication, right down to the iconic Bentley ‘Flying B’ logo on its flared tips.

The striking diamond motif, inspired by Bentley’s iconic matrix grille, is crafted in high-grade spring steel to deliver optimum torsion along the length of the ski.

The natural rubber upper surface is scratch resistant, and provides improved damping on icy snow. Like the rugged stainless steel upper edges, it can be reworked to keep the ski in showroom condition.

Two brands. One passion.

The idea for zai for bentley was first conceived in 2008, following a visit to the zai factory by Franz-Josef Paefgen, then CEO of Bentley Motors.

Discovering a common passion for craftsmanship, innovation and performance, the two brands embarked on a unique design collaboration. The first zai for bentley ski was launched in 2009.

Now in its second iteration, the current zai for bentley ski was first unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show alongside the new Bentley Flying Spur.

The zai for Bentley Ski Package

zai for bentley ski package

zai for bentley comes ready for the slopes with an exclusive custom-fit bag and matching carbon poles. Our comprehensive ski protection plan is also supplied as standard.

Ski Package

  • Custom zai for bentley ski bag in leather and neoprene with diamond stitched fabric interior
  • Komperdell carbon poles with stitched leather grips and embroidered Bentley logos
  • Salomon bindings

Ski Protection Plan

  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty against faults or breakage
  • One year’s free insurance against theft or accidental damage
  • Two years’ annual ski servicing at the zai factory in Disentis

Terms & Conditions

Maximum enjoyment. Minimum effort.

When it comes to skiing in comfort, zai for bentley is unmatched. The ride feels safe, solid and fantastically smooth. And just like a Bentley car, blistering speed and agile handling is there when you want it.

Designed to be enjoyed by skiers of all abilities, zai for bentley’s outstanding durability means it will continue to provide enjoyment season after season, with no discernable loss of torsion.

What goes into a zai ski?

zai is a world leader in the development and application of new and innovative materials in ski design.

We use only the very finest natural and high-tech materials, including wood, stone, natural rubber and patented carbon composites. By combining these in unique ways, we achieve standards of performance and durability far beyond those of a conventional ski.

Every material used in a zai ski is chosen for a specific purpose, and leads in turn to radical manufacturing techniques. In this way, zai remains at the cutting edge of modern ski development.

Natural Rubber

Vulcanised natural rubber is an amazing material for ski-making, being both durable and scratch-resistant, and possessing excellent damping qualities.

Applied to the upper surface of a ski, natural rubber helps to absorb impacts when riding on rough or icy snow. Not only does this make for a smoother ride, it’s also kinder to your knees.

Best of all, natural rubber can be re-worked to pristine condition. So when it comes time to service your zai ski, it will be returned to you looking like new. zai uses only the very best quality natural rubber - the surface of a spada ski costs around the same as some professional racing skis. This, and the technical challenges involved with working with it, is why zai is the first and only ski brand in the world to use this incredible material.

Stainless Steel

zai is the only ski-maker to build its skis with stainless steel upper edges. The hardened HRC 50 steel we use for this is extremely rugged and resistant to corrosion. Steel upper edges protect the ski against bumps and knocks, and can be re-worked to as-new condition during service.

We also use stainless steel in the upper surface designs of some zai skis. For this we use high-grade spring steel, the same used in the manufacture of fine Swiss watches.

Spring steel has a high yield strength, meaning it always returns to its original shape after bending. This is one of the reasons why zai skis maintain their torsion so much better than other skis.


Unsatisfied with existing carbon composite solutions for ski making, we developed and patented our own – zaiíra®.

An ultra-lightweight synthesis of the most modern reinforcing fibres and thermoplastic compounds, zaiíra® improves flexibility, stability and durability. Importantly, it also has far better damping qualities than regular ski carbons.

zaiíra® is key to zai's commitment to maintaining optimum damping and smoothness with minimal weight. It makes zai skis such as laisa, nezza and zai for bentley the most balanced and durable of their time.


All zai skis have cores made from bonded cedarwood staves. Cedarwood is expensive and complex to work with, but it is also incredibly light, offers excellent resilience (it returns to its original shape after bending), and has a consistent grain that resists warp.

The cedarwood cores of zai spada and giubileum skis have integrated CFS® (carbon fibre stone) to provide extra damping.

UD Carbon Fibre

zai uses pre-impregnated UD (unidirectional) endless carbon fibres in an uncured thermoset plastic matrix. The fibres are applied to the ski by hand and in varying thicknesses, allowing tension to be precisely controlled at strategic points.

The ‘pre-pregs’ are then heat-and-pressure cured during the pressing process, resulting in an extremely strong, lightweight ski structure with excellent torsion dynamics.

Because zai ski designs are arrived at through repeated real-world testing (as opposed to being computer-generated) various thicknesses and arrangements of carbon fibres can be tried during the prototype phase. Only when exactly the right combination and placement of carbon fibres has been achieved is a ski approved for production.

technical specifications

width in mm front 130
middle 80
tail 110
radius in m front 9
middle 16
tail 17
weight in g 1840
length in cm 172
    width in mm     radius in m   weight length
front [+] middle [+] tail [+] front [+] middle [+] tail [+] in g in cm
zai for bentley 172 130 80 110 9 16 17 1840 172

The widest of zai’s alpine skis, zai for bentley offers genuine all-mountain performance.

zai’s signature multi-radius, reactive camber design and a mix of UD carbon and zaiíra® flex zones deliver remarkable turning ability whether carving or sliding.

Front width

Middle width

Tail width

Front radius

Middle radius

Tail radius

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