The evolution of skiing

Radical design. Incredible performance.

Designed for serious skiers who don’t mind standing out from the crowd, zai nezza boasts cutting-edge performance to match its radical looks.

  • Floating split-tail design for reduced vibration
  • Ultra-low MOI (moment of inertia)
  • Lightweight zaiíra® construction
  • Handcrafted carbon skin
  • Short ski handling, long ski speed

Reduction to the essential

With zai nezza, it’s not just what you see that’s important - it’s what you don’t. The voids in surface reduce mass in key areas for unsurpassed weight distribution.

The special carbon skin is created by hand-laying overlapping sections of zaiíra® – a unique high-tech carbon composite patented by zai.

The overlapping layers reflect light in different ways, creating a shimmering effect as the ski moves over the snow. And because the surface is handcrafted, each nezza ski has its own individual look.

Handmade meets high-tech

nezza’s innovative cut-away shape is made possible thanks to zaiíra®, a special carbon composite material designed by zai specifically for use in ski building.

zaiíra® is incredibly strong and light, and has far better damping qualities than the carbon fibre used in conventional racing skis.

The zaira® skin is hand-cut and wrapped around a bonded cedarwood core, creating a ski that is incredibly light yet also robust - and an absolute joy to ride.

The zai Ski Package

The complete package

All zai skis are delivered ready for the slopes with our comprehensive ski package. So confident are we in the quality of our skis that we also supply a generous protection plan as standard.

Ski Package

  • Custom-fit ski bag
  • Komperdell carbon ski poles
  • Salomon bindings

Ski Protection Plan

  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty against faults or breakage
  • One year’s free insurance against theft or accidental damage
  • Personal invitation to visit the zai ski factory in Disentis (travel not included)

Terms & Conditions


Short ski agility, long ski speed

The genius of nezza lies in its revolutionary cut-away design, which removes weight at the ends of the ski without reducing length. As a result, nezza combines the agile turning ability of a short ski, with the smoothness, stability and speed of a longer one.

When skiing on rough snow, nezza’s unique floating tail design works like the suspension system on a car. The edges of the ski move freely from each other, absorbing bumps and minimizing lateral twist.

What goes into a zai ski?

zai is a world leader in the development and application of new and innovative materials in ski design.

We use only the very finest natural and high-tech materials, including wood, stone, natural rubber and patented carbon composites. By combining these in unique ways, we achieve standards of performance and durability far beyond those of a conventional ski.

Every material used in a zai ski is chosen for a specific purpose, and leads in turn to radical manufacturing techniques. In this way, zai remains at the cutting edge of modern ski development.


Unsatisfied with existing carbon composite solutions for ski making, we developed and patented our own – zaiíra®.

An ultra-lightweight synthesis of the most modern reinforcing fibres and thermoplastic compounds, zaiíra® improves flexibility, stability and durability. Importantly, it also has far better damping qualities than regular ski carbons.

zaiíra® is key to zai's commitment to maintaining optimum damping and smoothness with minimal weight. It makes zai skis such as laisa, nezza and zai for Bentley the most balanced and durable of their time.

Natural Rubber

Vulcanised natural rubber is an amazing material for ski-making, being both durable and scratch-resistant, and possessing excellent damping qualities.

Applied to the upper surface of a ski, natural rubber helps to absorb impacts when riding on rough or icy snow. Not only does this make for a smoother ride, it’s also kinder to your knees.

Best of all, natural rubber can be re-worked to pristine condition. So when it comes time to service your zai ski, it will be returned to you looking like new. zai uses only the very best quality natural rubber - the surface of a spada ski costs around the same as some professional racing skis. This, and the technical challenges involved with working with it, is why zai is the first and only ski brand in the world to use this incredible material.


All zai skis have cores made from bonded cedarwood staves. Cedarwood is expensive and complex to work with, but it is also incredibly light, offers excellent resilience (it returns to its original shape after bending), and has a consistent grain that resists warp.

The cedarwood cores of zai spada and giubileum skis have integrated CFS® (carbon fibre stone) to provide extra damping.

Nano Race Base

When you ride a zai ski, you are riding the best high-speed race base in the world.

zai bases are nano-coated, pre-impregnated with wax and manufactured with a high graphite content, making them exceptionally fast and durable.

To further improve quality and performance, zai employs specialist grinding techniques to ensure a base finish that is unsurpassed. Our high-precision stone wheel grinding machines deliver a much more controlled grind than conventional belt-sanding devices.

During service, zai skis are treated with infrared heat to ensure a deeper penetration of wax, ensuring optimum performance season after season.

technical specifications

width in mm front 129.5
middle 78.5
tail 109
radius in m front 8/9
middle 16/9
tail 15
weight in g 1650
length in cm 177
    width in mm     radius in m   weight length
front [+] middle [+] tail [+] front [+] middle [+] tail [+] in g in cm
nezza 177 129.5 78.5 109 8/9 16/9 15 1650 177

The new edition nezza features a bonded cedarwood slat core for even greater weight reduction. At 1450g without bindings it is a full 200g lighter than the outgoing model.

A standard 177cm size offers optimum smoothness and stability in a wide variety of snow conditions.

Front width

Middle width

Tail width

Front radius

Middle radius

Tail radius

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