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The zai philosophy

The zai manufacturing ethos is driven by three core values: quality, performance and innovation. The standards we aim for are without equal. The methods we use to attain them are as radical as they are uncompromising.

The name zai comes from a Rhaeto-Romanic word meaning ‘tough’. It also symbolises resilience and conviction. zai follows no trend or tradition, but forges its own path in design, development and manufacture.

zai is about reduction to the essential in the quest for natural balance. Form follows function. A zai ski is a quiet statement of individuality and control. It does not require garish logos and graphics. Good design speaks for itself.

It is these intrinsic, lasting qualities that give zai products their soul, and make them so rewarding to own and to use.


All zai skis are handcrafted in Disentis, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Manufacturing is geared towards producing the finest skis possible, regardless of the time, effort and cost involved. Quality and durability are second to none: zai skis decrease in tension by only 5% after 100 days of skiing, compared to 25% after just 30 days for mass-produced skis. zai skiers can expect to enjoy many years of use from their skis, with little or no discernable drop in performance.


Nothing compares to the feeling of riding zai. zai skis are characterised by incredibly smooth, solid handling, with effortless control through turns right across the speed range. You can opt to cruise in comfort or ‘push the envelope’, confident that the ski will never reach its limits. This is why skiers of all abilities choose zai, from beginners to Olympic champions. And because zai skis maintain their torsion so well, the performance you love will continue year after year.


Passion drives constant innovation. zai’s forward-thinking approach to ski design makes the impossible possible – whether it’s bending stone to make our famous CFS® cores, or creating a new high-tech material where none before existed. Even the machinery in our factory is specially engineered to operate at the standards we demand. By pioneering new designs, construction methods and technologies, zai continually redefines the boundaries of modern ski-making.


zai is a world leader in the use of new and radical materials for ski building. Many of the materials we use are developed and patented by zai. Cut open a zai ski (quite a task!) and you will find materials as varied and exotic as granite, cedar wood, vulcanized rubber, space-age thermoplastics and military-grade Dyneema®. By combining them in groundbreaking ways, zai achieves levels of quality, handling and durability far beyond those of a conventional ski.


Not just anyone can build a zai ski. Our craftsmen come from the Surselva region, where working with wood and metal is a traditional skill, and skiing is a way of life. Their artisan knowledge, often passed down through generations, is complimented by the most advanced ski-making technology available, including the world’s most advanced CNC ski press. This handmade meets high-tech approach allows us to design and build skis in unique and innovative ways.

What passion can do

zai was founded in 2003 by leading Swiss ski designer Simon Jacomet, with the aim of building a ski that did not compromise on quality, materials or performance. The result redefined the perimeters of modern ski design.

zai skis are handcrafted in the Swiss Alps from the very finest materials, including wood, stone and patented carbon fibres. In terms of quality and longevity zai is in class of its own: our skis lose just 5% tension after 100 days of use, compared to 25% over 30 days for mass-produced skis.

zai skis are owned and loved by skiers of all abilities around the world, from beginners to Olympic champions. All share the same passion that drives us in our mission to build the ultimate ski. We look forward to sharing that passion with you.

The zai factory

All zai skis are built at our factory in Disentis, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Having the mountains on our doorstep means we can test our skis at every stage of development, in all conditions. The rugged landscape of the Surselva valley inspires our work.

The factory is part workshop, part high-tech laboratory. Construction is carried out by hand and complimented by cutting-edge technology, including the world’s most advanced CNC ski press. Most of the machinery we use is custom-made.

zai employs local craftsmen and technicians from the Graubünden region, where carpentry and metalwork are traditional skills, and where skiing is a way of life. The pride we take in our work shows in every ski we build.

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the zai poem

All'entschatta era il cuolm

pitgogna e pezza
zaccas e zincas
crappa e greppa

zai anfla la lingia
che capescha il cuolm
termaglia ella neiv
sco la curnaglia el tschiel

zai, ski zaiíra

in titan
che fa siu tgau
senza cumpromiss
senza mort

— Leo Tuor

In the beginning
was the mountain

Summits and steepness
pinnacles and peaks
stony, rocky ranges

zai finds the line
reading the mountain
plays in the snow
like jackdaws in the sky

zai, the tougher ski

A titan
going his own way
not willing to compromise
not willing to die

— Leo Tuor